Our Services

Solar and Inverter

We have over the years provided and installed inverters at home and business locations as well as solar alternative energy source to complement for home and business uses. This we achieved through partnership with Huafu energy storage, Gennex technologies, prag technologies, Simba industries as well as other renewed original equipment manufacturers. Our solution range between 1kw inverter and solar solution to 100kw inverter and solar solution

Battery and Energy Storage

We also in stock a range of storage batteries and devices, which we have vigorously tested using our wide expertise to certify their reliability for the local market.  this include taking into consideration our unique environmental condition, resistance of material used in energy storage production as well as their discharge rates and characteristics in real life conditions.

Electrical Services

Our electrical engineers have acquired years of experience and mastery in installation of electrical systems for home and we specialize in rendering this service to the construction industry as well as other structures requiring power design and management.



Home Automation

If you ever worry about eliminating manual intervention in your home power management use and other functions then we are the ones you need to talk to, we build and install automatic transfer switches ATS ranging from 20A to 1000A for home and industrial uses. We also install home CCTV systems and lightning automation systems as well access control for various functions. Call us anytime to discuss your need and we will be delighted to be of assistance to you.

Steel Fabrication

Our expertise in this sector has seen us delivering fabrication for the our various energy solution, including but not limited to solar mounting rack and battery compartments, we have also extended our services to the provision of steel railing and window profile for home constructions



Custom Power Solutions

Some power requirements do not follow conventional requirements and that is why our team of COREN and IEEE certified engineers are here for you. From design to sourcing, testing to installation, we have dedicated so much resource in the acquisition of knowledge and expertise as well as consulting partners to offer you as robust and integrated power solution that will meet and surpasses your needs

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