12v 200AH Quanta  battery

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat where the electrolyte in the cell is locked in a Fiberglass mat between the plates. This valve regulated lead acid technology is low maintenance because it never needs watering.

Inverter Battery PPCP Containers with Low permeability to ensure that there is no water loss.
Sidewall design to maintain structural integrity in high operating temperatures.
High Compression Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Separator for greater than 98% recombination efficiency.
Heavy-duty L terminal best suited to carry high rate discharges.
Highly reliable one-way self-resealing safety vent seal.
MFX alloy grid for high design life in float @ 27° C with maximum cyclic life.
FLAPPON Terminal protecting system to prevent short circuits.
Ergonomic design for easy handling.
Grouping the plates by Cast-On-Strap leads to integral lead crystals provides superior corrosion resistance to negative strap.
Superior high rate discharge with low internal resistance.

Radial Grid Profile
Low impedance path.
Instantaneous high currents.
Heavy-duty Lead alloy.
Superior high rate discharge performance upto 8% more than rectilinear profile.
Instacharge Paste recipe
Excellent charge acceptance.
Low self-discharge less than 1% per week.
AGM Separator
High basis weight.
High void volume glass mat.
Superior compression characteristics.
Prolongs life.
High Integrity ICW
Thick, robust inter-cell connections.
Imparts high reliability during service life.
Minimizes low resistance path.





1.Solar system and Wind
2.Solar street light and solar garden light
3.Emergency lighting equipment
4.Fire alarm and security systems
5.Telecommunication equipment
6.Electric equipment and telemeter equipment



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