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The Genus 875VA/12V pure sine wave inverter is an entry level capacity inverter to meet some basic power back-up needs of a home or office: such as a few light points, fans and few other small load appliances. The 875VA inverter is a 12V inverter, which means that it requires a battery bank of one 12v battery to function.

he 875VA/12v  inverter is an advanced technology equipment, produced by a trusted manufacturer and capable of delivering durable service. Even this small inverter unit can offer a lot of value to bring huge lifestyle benefits to your family.

DSP Based Intelligent Control Circuit + DSP Based Smart Charger

Clean Quality power supply – Keeps expensive appliances 100% safe

LCD Display (Message and Faults) to monitor Inverter Performance

Auto self test on LCD

Noise-free performance

Ensures the longer battery life

Smarter Overload Sense, Short Circuit Protection

High surge withstand capability (up to 300%)

Battery State Monitoring

Three Stage Battery Charger

Automatic Power Factor Correction

Compact Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Generator Compatible

Less vibration due to non electronic interference

Cold Start


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