Product Description

Luminous Solar 850VA is a HYBRID INVERTER with an inbuilt powerful 30 Amp inbuilt charge Controller.

With this inverter, the batteries can be charged by both the Grid/Generator and true solar power when the Solar Panels are connected.

Charges with both when grid power is available at daytime, with solar alone while grid power is absent and with grid power alone at night.

It can also deliver power simultaneously while charging in all the conditions above.


First of its kind Home UPS that delivers both AC & DC output
Up to 600 Watt PV Module solar panel compatibility
Intelligent fuzzy logic for maximum utilization of solar energy
Pure sine wave output provides better performance & safety to the connected load
Electricity savings of 3 to 5 units per day.



Key Feature

  • Output waveform   Pure sinewave
  • Charge controller  PWM (INBUILT)
  • Battery type          Supports All types of battery
  • Compatible with Generator
  • DC Voltage            12V (1 x 12volt batteries)


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