Technical Features

Microtek UPS EB1500 1.5KVA UPS comes with dual battery system which provides long power back-up to your sensitive electrical equipment. Its Dura Retain technology efficiently increases the timespan of the battery back-up during long power cuts. The Microtek UPS EB1500 1.5KVA UPS also comes endowed with CCCV technology with auto trickle mode which ensure constant current application.


Frequent power cuts and power fluctuations can cause serious damage to your sensitive electronic devices like computers and other related peripherals including printers and scanners. The Microtek UPS EB1500 1.5KVA UPS safeguards these gadgets and provides a consistent power supply.

Noise Levels

Microtek UPS EB1500 1.5KVA UPS has less than 35 dB audible noise level. The device also comes with a noise filter so that you can give your uninterrupted attention to your project.

Any Other Features

Microtek UPS EB1500 1.5KVA UPS is quite easy to install and maintain. It comes with mains input voltage range selection, battery deep discharge/ over charge protection and multi stage battery charger. There is a 2 years warranty on the overall product and 1 year warranty on the battery.






Microtek 1500VA  Inverter UPS is known for better efficiency, reliability and durability and gives back-up in the situation of power failure.

The Microtek inverter  stands as one of the best 1500VA inverters options for  powering delicate equipment used in homes and businesses. It features a micro-controller based intelligent control design with an easy to see LED display that lets you know the status and fault. Microtek  Inverter 1500VA price is one of the best and most affordable inverter options you can consider in Nigeria if you are planning to get the best value for your money.

Size and Dimensions of the Microtek 1500VA  Inverter

This Microtek UPS EB1500 24V 1500 VA inverter is quite compact and space saving so that you conveniently place it in any desired space. Its sleek and stylish design adds a touch of elegance in your room. Hi-grade virgin copper is used in the transformer which ensures high performance, reliability and longer life.


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