Other Features:
This inverter is available with a warranty period of 2 years. It is equipped with short circuit protective feature and if it is excessively overloaded, it shuts down and thus protects the other electrical appliances. It is equipped with the auto reset and switch off feature when the inverter is overloaded.



Microtek 3.6 KVA Inverter is packed with a micro controller that helps it to identify a power cut and accordingly it allows itself to be set into action. It is equipped with the PWM controlled multistage Auto Trickle Mode (ATM) charging. It is endowed with a generator compatible battery selection mode, for selecting standard tubular and local battery, for the quick charging and longer battery life with augmented back up facility. It is equipped with a multitude of indicator displays, that light up whenever there is a change in current or when the battery charge of the inverter is running low. The indicators also furnish the information whether the power is being received from the mains or inverter.
This sine wave inverter from the noteworthy Microtek brand is compatible with air-conditioners, coolers, water motors, TV, fans, computers, CFL, dental chairs, LED, refrigerators and office IT applications.
Noise Levels:
This inverter from the Microtek brand delivers silent performance.



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