The Microtek 5kVA 48V inverter is an ideal system for any home or office planning to install an inverter or solar system without incurring much cost on inverter batteries. The Microtek 5kVA inverter comes at 48V, meaning that it will only require 4, 12V deep cycle batteries to produce the right output. The 5kVA 48V Microtek inverter is designed to provide any medium size home or office with an energy output that is synonymous to a 10kVA generator if combined with 4 200AH batteries at 12V and 3kW solar panel.

The 5kVA Microtek inverter has the capacity to withstand a power surge of up to 300% to its capacity when used to power high load appliances and it also has the capability to power appliances like energy efficient air conditioners, refrigerator, pumping machine, television, photocopier, printer and desktop computers.


MICRO Processor / DSP based PWM Technology using IGBT

Best Suited for most High Capacity Sophisticated Appliances

Advanced Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life & Quick Charging

LCD Panel Display for Status and Faults / Auto Self Test on LCD Display

Static By Pass Switch for fast Switch Over (optional) / Generator compatible

Inbuilt TDR (in 5.5KVA & above models) for compressor based application, e.g. Air Conditioners


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